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Professional coaching firm in Paris

We are currently living in an era of change. The "classic" professions are changing, new professions are emerging, as well as new organizations and ways of working collectively, new needs for fulfillment.

EFFICIENCE CONSULTING, Professional Coaching and Professional Evolution Firm, offers you high quality and personalized coaching, consulting and personal development services. The time has come to put yourself back at the heart of your life, and dare your potential.

The services of our professional coaching firm

Our services are provided in French and/or English
Our vocation as professional coaches is to be at your side during the important stages of your life, such as the choice of an individual or collective professional accompaniment.
We are also at your side when you are wondering about the implementation of a professional transition or in the framework of a personal change support.

Through our personalized coaching sessions, we help you achieve professional fulfillment, personal fulfillment, and full autonomy.

Our coaching and training sessions are designed to get you moving again. Thus, you achieve your goals and you surpass yourself, because everything starts with you...

What we will explore together for your well-being and success

Our goal is to work together to clear the emotional and intellectual labyrinth that is an unsatisfactory professional and personal situation. That by accompanying you here and now, you are aware of your possibilities. In full confidence in your strengths and areas of progress, in total serenity regarding the changes and transformations to be made... And that you dare to put your potential into action.
You are the main actor of your changes!
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EFFICIENCE CONSULTING is a certified training organization, member of the ICF coaching network, registered on Datadock/Qualiopi and eligible for CPF funding. Our services are provided in face-to-face and/or distance learning.
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Our organization meets the conditions of reception and access to disabled people (premises and services).